who we are

CCI Entertainment is among Canada’s most highly respected companies in the entertainment industry. CCI’s success and longstanding reputation for packagingproducing, and distributing quality entertainment has spanned all genres including drama, live action, feature films, multiplatform brands and of course children’s content.

CCI’s ability to create and deliver engaging product can be attributed to strong in-house leadership and is furthered by a network of strategic partners around the globe. With an award-winning track record spanning all areas of media and featuring internationally recognized brands, CCI is a trusted and versatile executive producer. Formed in 2002 through the merger of Cambium Entertainment Corp. and Catalyst Entertainment Inc., CCI Entertainment is founded on over 30 years of experience in television production and international distribution. During this time, the Toronto-based company has set new standards for excellence, service and integrity in the Canadian entertainment arena.

co-founders | executive producers

Arnie Zipursky-Co-Founder/Executive Producer

Charles Falzon-Co-Founder/Executive Producer

Award-winning industry veterans Charles Falzon (left) and Arnie Zipursky (right) are executive producers and co-founders of CCI Entertainment.

key contacts

Marly Reed-Production and Development

Gary Yau -Finance

Dayna Zipursky-Business Affairs

Cambium Catalyst International

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(noun) an agent that provokes or speeds significant change or action.

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