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Feature Film

A feature ensemble comedy about a dysfunctional family all thrown together at a wedding no one wants to be at, after the eldest son announces he’s marrying his brother’s ex.

Starring Kathleen Turner, Jessica Paré, Kevin Zegers, Frances Fisher, Wallace Shawn, Jacob Tierney, and Jessica Parker Kennedy.

Written and Directed By Pat Kiely
A Co-Production with Vroom Productions and Banner House

In Post-Production

Feature Film

A musical-comedy road movie based on a story by rock legend Randy Bachman and integrating a world record setting live music event.

In Association with Paquin Entertainment and Randy Bachman

In Development

Feature Film WINNER-Best Comedy Feature and Best Actor at the 2016 International Family Film Festival in Los Angeles

AGENT CODY BANKS meets RED. MISSION IMPOSSIBLE for kids. Is it possible Jake’s “senile” Grandpa is exactly what he’s always claimed to be – the greatest military intelligence officer of all time?!

James Caan, Kenneth Welsh, Louis Gossett Jr., Paul Sorvino, Lawrence Dane, Dylan Everett, and Greta Onieogou
Directed by Erik Canuel

Written by Jeff Schechter Produced in association with YTV, a CORUS™ Entertainment Inc. Company and Telefilm Canada, with the participation of the Ontario Media Development Corporation. Also in association with TAJJ Media and Elevation Pictures.


Now available in Canada & U.S. through VOD and Digital Download services – check your provider.

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Feature Documentary
WINNER – World Documentary Award and Best Female-Directed Documentary Award at the 2016 Whistler Film Festival 

SLED DOGS documents several sled dog operations throughout North America. Featuring four intertwining stories, we follow a rookie musher and his young dogs as they tackle and endure the 44th annual Iditarod Trail Race through Alaska’s beautiful terrain; six-month-old puppy, Lydia, as she trains to pull a sled in Ontario, Canada; the Krabloonik sled dog company and coverage of Dan MacEachen who was charged for animal cruelty in Snowmass, Colorado; and we explore the outcome of dog sledding in Whistler, BC, six years after the sled dog massacre.

Directed by Fern Levitt
Produced in association with documentary Channel, CMF and Rogers Cable Network Fun


Playing Los Angeles – October 6-12 – Laemmle Monica Film Center
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Re-Airing in Canada on Documentary Channel
September 27, 7PM ET

Coming soon to VOD!
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Feature Documentary

In times of global concern over the health of our planet and the growing extinction of our wildlife species, Indonesia and Brazil are becoming world leaders in environmental protection and innovation. This film plans to showcase the remarkable work of those individuals dedicated to environmental and species protection and bring those stories to the world.

Directed By Fern Levitt
Produced By Arnie Zipursky & Fern Levitt
A Co-Production with Grifa Films (Brazil)
In Association with SuperChannel and CMF

In Development


Web series.

A friendless insomniac finds solace pacing the fluorescent-lit aisles of her local 24-hour grocery store – and soon discovers that the key to overcoming her loneliness may just lie in the most pedestrian of places.

Created and Starring Rebekah Miskin

Season 1 Completed.

1-Hour Drama Series

Inspired by real-life experiences. The streets as we’ve never seen them… A realistic, unsentimental, story of a man seeking redemption and regeneration. A disgraced and destitute former TV producer, struggling to survive the inner-city streets, is thrust into the front ranks of a revolt against the privileged and powerful. 

In Development

Animated Series

Bob! The Slob lives the life – he bends the rules, cuts the cheese, chills with his crew, and in his free time reluctantly defeats villains using his gross-out super powers, all while maintaining a solid a “C” average.

Created by James Nadler
Half-Hour Animated Comedy Series for Kids 6-9

Digital Interactive Pilot Developed with the participation of The Bell Broadcast and New Media Fund. Produced with the financial participation of the Shaw Rocket Fund. Developed and Produced in association with Teletoon


Animated Series

A humorous children’s series in which problem solving causes our characters to learn about the world they live in, about each other, and most importantly, about themselves.

Developed and Co-Produced with The Chocolate Liberation Front (Australia)
52 x 11 min episodes for preschoolers

In Development

Feature Film

A holiday family comedy in the vein of CHRISTMAS VACATION, ELF, and A CHRISTMAS STORY. A young girl goes to crazy lengths (including attempted kidnapping) to make her family unplug from their ultra-busy lives and reconnect with each other in time to have a real Christmas for the first time in years.

Directed by Jason Priestly
Written by Jennifer Beasley
Co-Produced with Jim Corston

In Development.

Half-Hour Comedy Series 

A group of ordinary people are brought together to sit in judgement of the defendant in a sensational trial. The case draws so much interest from the media and the public that the jurors are forced into sequestration. This comedy will go behind the scenes as the jury members turn to each other for friendship, romance, and laughs.

“Sometimes life is a trial.”

In Development

Half-Hour Comedy Series

What happens when your big-wig boss gets busted for fraud, his accounts are frozen, and you were charging his expenses on your credit card to receive the travel points?

Based on true events, SuperHost follows the escapades of an introverted and desperately broke young woman, forced into the relative Wild West of the sharing economy when she rents her downtown loft to complete strangers online for extra cash.

“Sometimes to get ahead in life, you have to let strangers sleep in your bed.”

In Development

1-Hour Drama Series

Twenty-eight-year-old Edan Pardis has always done what her ultra-conservative politician father wanted. That is… until she quits law school and runs off to Greece to volunteer in a refugee camp. On the front lines of a growing international conflict, she finds herself responsible for the camp’s orphaned children, as tensions between the refugees and the locals threaten to erupt.

In Development

Half-Hour Factual Series

In the most dangerous city in America, the halls of the Frank Murphy Hall of Justice in downtown Detroit hum with the defiant, the desperate and the bewildered. Here, justice is swift. In 180 days, cases go from arrest to preliminary examination to trial and finally to conviction or freedom. We will go inside the courtrooms and living rooms to tell real stories of crime and punishment.

In Development

Limited Series

Based on the Victorian London-set supernatural thriller by Gareth P. Jones. An undertaker’s apprentice with the ability to talk to the dead joins forces with a ghostly civil servant to answer the question: WHO IS KILLING THE GHOSTS OF LONDON?  

A Co-Production with Sprout Pictures and Fraser-Hecht Communications

In Development

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